This is the true irsofficersonline web log. Use the comments column to vent your ire against the CBDT, AD-6 and the system in general.

We IRS officers are a frustrated lot and there is no one to look after our interests.


Ramadoss said...

1. It is really frustrating to see the orders of the CITs, officers of a particular region have only been accomodated.

2.What ever happened to the foreign training for IRS officers, we have raised a lot of hallabo about it?

3.Where are the promised laptops,which the FM announced in the Video conference?

Sukumar said...

is there any uniform criteria followed by Local Placement Committees in all ccit(cca) charges for transfer posting placement of Gr A Officers with in CCIT(CCA) charges?Is recording of minutes of Local Placement Committee is mandatatory and followed by all CCIT(CCA) Charges ? Bangalore CCIT(CCA) has not drawn any minutes of Local Placement Committee for last three AGTs.